Have You Gotten Burned?

Jen’s Gem: You can get as close to God as you want.

All around the country, the “six foot rule” is being practiced – or at least attempted. After nearly ten days of being mostly home-bound, my kids and I are looking forward to  putting this behind us. We all miss our friends and loved ones. Who couldn’t use a great big hug right about now?

With my daughter  home from college, I have been preparing more meals. Dinner has once again become a “thing” and the days of take-out or a simple dinner for me and my son are a thing of the past. Planning a meal, making sure I have all of the ingredients, and then actually cooking it are tasks I do not look forward to.

I don’t hate cooking, but it’s not my “go-to” activity. I enjoy cooking for friends and even my kids when I don’t have to do it. This week, I made banana bread and an apple pie to avoid throwing away the overripe fruits. They were delicious. However, earlier in the week, it was another story.
 After cooking what felt like my b-zillionth meal, I grabbed a disinfectant wipe and began to clean the counters. Forgetting that the stove was still hot, I ran the paper-thin cloth over it and well, let’s just say I remembered very quickly how hot the stove was. 

The good Lord put a guard on my mouth before I could spew out a string of obscenities. I quickly ran cold water on my scorched appendage, chastised my son for not being sympathetic toward the situation, and then declared my utter stupidity for not knowing better. 

When I tell you that my hand was on fire, I tell no lie. I grabbed an ice pack and sat on my couch for what felt like hours. After posting my dilemma on social media, I received some tips on what to do, which I quickly implemented. 

  1. Egg whites
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Advil

I did everything as well as texted a good friend of mine who prayed for me. I was reminded of something  the pastor of my church frequently says “Natural plus Super equals Supernatural.”

The next morning I awoke to the complete healing of my hand. Not a speck of red anywhere. No more pain. No more blisters. It was as if it never happened. Healed and whole, I was able to do my freelance writing work with ease and had an amazingly productive day. I even cooked dinner that night. (However, I socially distanced myself from the stove until the next morning!)

That’s what we do when we’ve been hurt, isn’t it? We stay far away from the thing or person that caused us pain. Sometimes this lasts only a spell, but other times, it can be for much longer, even a lifetime.

For some, the “thing” we’ve socially distanced ourselves from is God. Perhaps He’s been blamed for a loved one not recovering from an illness, or a lost job, or a wayward child. Some people may be blaming Him for the current global health crisis that’s turning our world upside down.

They would be wrong.

A good God doesn’t create evil things. Only one being creates evil and his name is not God.

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10 NKJV)

If you’re a parent, do you intentionally hurt your child and wish them to be sick, to fail, to be heartbroken? Absolutely not! You love your child and would gladly take on their illness, their failure, and their heartbreak. Your Father in Heaven is no different. He is NO different. In fact, He proved this when He sent His only Son to die for all of His kids.

When you look at the evil in the world, do not look up. It did not originate there. It couldn’t have. God is love. Something that is all love cannot create evil. It’s impossible.

You may have gotten burned by someone or something that told you otherwise. You may have heard things like “God is punishing you,” or “You’re too bad for God to love you,” or “If there’s a God, then why is there so much evil in the world.” Let me be set the record straight: 

  1. God is not punishing you.
  2. No matter what you’ve done, God loves you.
  3. If there’s evil in the world, it didn’t come from God.

This week, as you practice social distancing – or even self-isolation depending on where you live, I want to encourage you to get to know the real God. Not the one you may have heard about in religious classes who may have come with a rule book. No, the real God who loves you more than you can ever imagine.

He can’t wait for you to socially “undistance” from Him and unlike my pesky stove, I promise you won’t get burned.

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Jennifer Covello, Copyright 2020