Do You Have a Weak Spot?

Jen’s Gem: Your weak spots are no match for God.

I awoke yesterday in the wee hours after a restful sleep. Since moving into our new home, my once erratic sleep patterns seem to have subsided and I now wake nearly every day proclaiming “I slept through the night!” and celebrating my flattening sleep curve.

The prior evening, I discovered a typo on the back cover of my new book, “Finding God. Finding Me.” I couldn’t believe my eyes and quickly powered up my laptop to check the source file. It was correct. Clearly something went awry with the formatting process. I was shocked that I missed it after my b-zillion reviews of the content, but decided its resolution would need to wait until the next morning.
After breakfast, I went to the kitchen sink to rinse out my bowl. As I prepared to place it under the faucet, the bowl collided with the blender jar and in a nanosecond, the jar shattered. I stood in disbelief wondering how a paper thin glass bowl could utterly destroy a half-inch thick blender with a simple tap. I guess I must’ve hit its weak spot.
I gathered up the remnants of the blender and tossed them into the trash. Still in disbelief, I moved on to address the typo, feeling sick to my stomach that I had overlooked this mistake. What will people think? I’m supposed to be a writer and there’s an error in my book. Fear and doubt began to wreak havoc on me. In short, they hit my own weak spots.

Weak spots. We all have them. Those little (or sometimes not) vulnerabilities that when tested or tried can transport us from victory to defeat in seconds. They can rock our world and keep us from being all we were designed to be. Sometimes, they can even paralyze us.
Years ago, my approach to these threats to my peace was to retreat, head over to the pity party house, and lament my misfortune. “Oh the unfairness of it all!” I might’ve filled the pages of my journal or the ears of my friends with the details of the event, looking for sympathy. Not anymore.
Yesterday my response was quick and decisive. I texted a prayer warrior friend and asked her to pray for me. I did the same, speaking aloud the words of victory I knew to be true from God’s Word. As the day progressed, other hiccups threatened to rob me of my stability. They got the same treatment.
Every day we are faced with people, places, and things that want to tear us down. Our response to these derailments is critical. We can let them overtake us or we can show them who’s boss. By the end of the day, the various issues with the book were corrected or in progress. Filled with peace about the situation, I was even able to record a podcast episode, overcoming my fear of doing so. (Stay tuned!)
I found it interesting that most of the things that happened yesterday, with the exception of the blender, were centered on my book promotion, which speaks specifically to my path to find peace in my life. In it are details that previously have only been shared with a select few. Now “the world” will know that the brave face I’ve sported for more years than I can count was just that. A brave face.

All of my weak spots are now on display for potential judgement or possibly criticism. I’m ok with that because the person that would’ve crumbled having anyone think I was less than perfect is long gone. The woman who would’ve had her day completely derailed from a  typo has been replaced with a woman on a mission, who knows exactly what to do when fear and doubt attempt to steal her joy.

First, I recognize the source of these defeating situations. Second, I declare words of victory using the same words God uses. Third, I reach out to someone who will stand in agreement with me. My 1-2-3 punch is put into action.

These activities are a far cry from years past. While my weak spots have not disappeared, they are better handled now with the “weapons of warfare” I now possess because of my faith in God,  His Word, and His Son Jesus. I know who I am and even though there are days that are not stellar, I am better equipped to identify them for what they are, put them in their place, and move forward.

God’s Word tells me that I can take every thought captive, that I can overcome strongholds, and that I can emerge victorious (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). Because I am His child, I can claim and own each and every one of His promises. You can too.

This week, I’d like to encourage you to declare war on your weak spots. Put them in their place. See them for what they really are – nothing more than hiccups that are trying to keep you from God’s purpose and plan for your life.

The victory is yours and your reward will be the peace you so desperately crave. Claim your piece of peace today!

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Jennifer Covello, Copyright 2020