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The revelation of God’s unconditional love has transformed my life and I’m compelled to share this in my weekly blog posts. I pray through my words, that you will discover this love for yourself!

Hi Dad…It’s Me

Dear Daddy, It’s Father’s Day and since I sent Mom a virtual Mother’s Day card via a blog post, I figured I’d better do the

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Better Than a Hallmark Card

It’s amazing how life works sometimes, especially when you’re a parent. You spend years raising your children, teaching them good values, showing them the ropes

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What Are You Afraid Of?

The prevailing topic in my home these days is driving. My son’s re-invigorated interest in learning to drive occupies nearly every conversation we have on

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Nutri-Bullet Magic

Several months ago, I purchased a Nutri-Bullet. If you’re not familiar with this appliance, it’s basically a high powered blender that promises to whip nearly

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