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The revelation of God’s unconditional love has transformed my life and I’m compelled to share this in my weekly blog posts. I pray through my words, that you will discover this love for yourself!

“Wait a Minute…”

Purposeful Parent Tip:  Patience is within all of us. Show your child how to access this gift. “Patience, my dear, patience.”  How many times have

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On My Mother’s Knee

Purposeful Parent Tip:  It’s the little things your child will remember. Make time for them.  As a young child, I had long brown hair down

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Holiday Memories & Traditions

Purposeful Parent Tip:  Create holiday memories for you and your children. It’s that time of year again.  Holidays. Or shall I say “holi-daze”.  We are all

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Beauty, Brains…or Both?

Purposeful Parent Tip: Encourage and nurture ALL of the gifts for which your child has been blessed. “She is so beautiful!” I’ve heard this comment

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