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“You had my vote. You’re just the type of speaker who really engages me…thoughtful, profound, with a clear powerful message. Of all the speakers, I remember yours. I loved it! You’re a great speaker!”

Presentation: Becoming a Thought Leader In A Twitter World

In today’s information overload culture, people are craving insightful, authentic, and relatable experts who can unpack complex concepts into practical steps that are easy to understand and implement. Jennifer shares how to cut through the noise and create compelling content that will get you seen and heard.

Presentation: Blogging for Beginners

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise with others? In this introductory workshop, Jennifer will review the basics of launching a blog including selecting your content niche, target market, establishing yourself as an expert, developing a content calendar, and securing followers and fans.You Have a Book! Now What?

Presentation: You Have a Book! Now What?

Have you written a book but are struggling with how to publish or promote it? In this comprehensive workshop, Jennifer shares how to get your book from your computer into the hands of your readers!

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